Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Banquet

This morning was the school's Christmas bazaar and the high school Christmas banquet was tonight. It was at the Sheraton, but our "room" was a huge tent out back! Actually, it was much nicer than it sounds, with carpet and little white lights in a draped ceiling. But it snowed this morning and the cold wind blew in today. It was the first real day of winter temperatures, the kind that make your knees hurt when you walk. So they had heaters all over the place trying to keep that tent warm. At one point we blew a breaker, and after that the lights were dimmed and we ate by candlelight but had heat. It was actually pretty nice. And the decorations were very well done. Most of the entertainment was Christmas related, so it helped bring the holiday in. I've been a little depressed this week, and this helped lift my spirits. Singing Silent Night and hearing The Innkeeper by John Piper read aloud were nice moments, and seeing three teen boys lip-sync the Chipmunks Christmas was fun. The theme was masquerade, so we all wore masks and elegant clothing. We draw stares in everyday clothing.

Today was a lovely way to bring the season home.