Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's English, right?

I went shopping with a group of ladies on Monday. We went to DaHuTong, which is where the street vendors shop, so the prices are cheap and they are hoping you will buy in bulk. I took some pictures and bought a few things, some of which turned out to have very funny wording on the boxes. I thought you might enjoy reading them with me.

The first one is a foot scraper, a kind of very serious sandpaper for those of us with very rough feet. The package says:
"Get rid of the rough and hard scurf of foot. Make the foot not to be odorous and itchy but become slick and soft. The foot scrub can massage the foot if using it usually. There is curative effect to neurosis, nephritis, insomnia, etc. When you walk. It can make you relax. When you sleep, it can make you to have a good dream."
I'm excited that this foot scrubber will get rid of my neurosis! I had to look up nephritis, which turns out to be kidney disease.

The other item was a "Two Lint Remover." Now, I have one of these in storage in the states, and I've missed it; it runs on batteries and removes those little lint balls that form on sweaters. I spent $1.25 on it, and felt good about that. But the box turns out to be worth twice that amount.
"The lint remover from our company is the latest product in our country at the beginning of 21st century. In the past unable to remove totally full to bits ball chipping above woolen or artificial doogs, etc, NOW can function as use it. And it is simple to operate, totally suitable for being used in every family. It is suitable for being used in removing bits chipping of fluffed above the clothes, it also clean dust."
So, if you have full to bits ball chipping or bits chipping of fluffed above the clothes, just call me.

It might be a good thing I already knew what to do with these items.

Keep smiling,

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