Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Reunion

The original six of us, and my favorite picture from the reunion so far.

Fuller Family Reunion 2012

I go to Family Reunions with expectations. I shouldn't, and I know I shouldn't, and yet I do.

This time, I expected to play games, talk a lot, listen a lot, laugh a lot. I expected to catch up on everyone's lives, hear all their stories from the past two years and their plans for the next two.

And I expected to show off our delightful, cheerful, easy-going grandson, Derek.

Derek didn't cooperate, and that affected ALL of my expectations. Stories were told, and I was upstairs with an upset baby. Games were played, and I was helping figure out that Derek didn't react well to local water being put in his formula. And our cheerful showpiece was arching his back and screaming. Often.

By the time people began leaving, Derek was almost back to normal, and was really enjoying his second cousins. Our drive home was incredibly easy. He was cheerful the entire 8 hours. It was amazing. And today, he is delightful again.

So much for my expectations! I don't know how my brothers and their families are really doing. I didn't hear their plans. I did play a couple of games and helped a little with a puzzle. But it wasn't the week I expected. Looking back, it was a good week, though. I wasn't at work, I was hearing the voices and laughter of people I love dearly, and I got lots of hugs.

It's fuzzy, but this is my mom and her first great-grandson.

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p&k said...

:) I love that you expected to show him off--that he expected nothing of the sort sure does make your reflections on reunions more humorous!