Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gifts and growing

When people ask me how I like my new house, my answer is, "We're learning to get along." I'm not sure I can explain it any better than that, but I'll try.

The weeds are finally pulled from the yard, at least the 2-foot tall ones. There is some grass seed we are watering in the front. A couple of trees will find residence in the back yard this week. And we are going to cover the icky back deck with a plastic coating.

Inside, we have fewer boxes and more order. And internet access.

But the sweetest blessings lately have been the gifts God is bringing to our daughter, as her love for Him increases. She is discovering things like, "Mom, did you know that if you make time for the Bible every day, you have plenty of time to do everything else?" and "The more I give to God, the more He gives back!" This morning after church, I saw her make a beeline to a new couple, to make sure they were greeted. She knows what it's like to be ignored.

And the blessings have been pouring in. A crib with Mickey Mouse sheets and a mobile. Two high chairs, one with a fancy fish-themed play area attached. Hand-knit and hand-quilted blankets. Twice as many baby boy clothes in size 0-9 months as one boy could possibly wear, enough to give some away to another single mom, along with two of the blankets and some smaller sized maternity clothes.

Then came a rocking chair that exactly matched the red and black theme in Amanda's room. A cash gift that paid off her credit card bill completely. A bassinet with heart-beat and water sounds.

Our Sunday School class has planned a baby shower for her in about a month.

Somebody loves her. I think He loves her a lot.


A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Oh, Dawn, that's so wonderful! Thank you, God! He is so good.

(And for the record, our backyard is a dirt pile right now and our deck is peeling. I think we need a plastic coating, too! We might need to look into that, because we definitely cannot afford to replace all the boards right now.)

Love you. Hang in there.

Marilyn said...

Dawn....your post left me marveling at God's love and goodness to us His children. Thanks so much for sharing your heart...and please give Amanda a BIG hug from SeƱora Prescott ¡

Janet said...

So excited for all God is blessing you with! Can't wait to keep hearing what He will do next!! Love you guys!