Tuesday, October 04, 2011


“How can a young man keep his way pure?” (Psalm 119:9)

For the second time in the six months that our Amanda has been striving to live a godly life, a young man has severely disappointed her – and us. For the second time, a young man has proclaimed himself to be learning to walk with God, desirous of keeping his ways pure, and then turned around and demanded absolute impurity from Amanda. Praise God, she has held to the truth and the way. She has pushed away the men who tried to turn her from the path of righteousness. But how much of this kind of disappointment can a young lady take?

Is it possible for a young man to keep his ways pure?

These two men have told her that it is not possible, in today’s culture, to remain pure. They have insisted that impurity is inevitable. I am thankful that their true hearts were shown before commitment was made, but I am sad for my girl, that she is not finding young men who are keeping their way pure. I continue to pray for that one man, the right one, who will lead her in the paths of righteousness, love her deeply, protect her and guide her and enjoy her. We haven't met him yet.

Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. “By living according to your word.” “By guarding it according to your word.”

The only way for a young man in today’s culture – or ANY culture – to keep his way pure is to immerse himself in God’s Word, and live it. Guard it.
The same goes for a young woman. And for a grandma, too.


Mary Zolene said...

Praying that she can focus on being a mother...that is the task at hand.

Steve said...

I have so many thoughts on this I can't organize them quickly. Men in America are living in shark-infested waters, and we're being picked off bunches at a time. Thanks for the reminder to renew my mind daily. I also have some guys I need to check on.