Friday, October 28, 2011

2 weeks, or maybe 4, but no more

That's right. Baby due date is just over 2 weeks away, and Amanda's doctor says he never lets a mommy go more than 2 weeks past her due date. That means that in the next 2-4 weeks, there will be major changes in this household.

Sometimes I think I'm too old for this. But the truth is, I'm selfish. I like our patterns and habits, and I recognize that most of them will change. I'll still go to work and come home, but most of life before and after that will be different.

I know little Derek will bring great barrels of joy, but I also know that he will bring a grumpy Amanda for lack of sleep, and less "me" time, and simply all around another person in the house to be concerned about. And other than the grumpy-lack-of-sleep thing, it's all good.


Christine said...

I hope the joy comes in greater quantities than the frustrations. We love you! ♥

Anonymous said...

Just keep telling yourself (and Amanda) that the hard things will pass...but so will the new awesome things to experience, so try to enjoy each stage (even as you're sleep-deprived and desperate for a nap!) :-) -Jessie :-)

Mary Zolene said...

Just remember you are Grandma this time around. :)