Saturday, July 16, 2011

Girls' Weekend

Chick flicks, shopping, brownies, pizza, Chinese takeout, more shopping, and talk, talk, talk, talk - all add up to a really fun girls' weekend with my prego daughter. We bought maternity shirts and baby boy clothes and tiny little hats. We made a list of what qualities she wants in a man, and prioritized them. That was fun!

On another note, I love seeing God at work in the timing of our lives.

Last January, Michele decided to take a semester off of school. We really thought that was a mistake, but it's her choice. Yesterday, our mortgage officer said that because she still has two years until she has to repay them, we are still a good risk for the mortgage we want! If she hadn't taken that semester off, those loans would be due sooner. And we might not buy a house.

We still might not buy a house, but I'm seeing an awful lot of God's hand in this, and I think just maybe, He wants us to buy the picket fence.


Christine said...

I'm glad you and Amanda had such a good time together.

That's such a God thing. He knows what we need way before we do!

Beth said...

Dawn, I'm so glad you are sharing your thoughts and writings. I think someday you should publish all these various pieces.
I miss our times together, this helps!


p&k said...

perfect. all of it.