Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now, About That Picket Fence...

The last few days, I have pretty much let Garry do all the house-hunting, while I sat around with my fingers in my ears, singing, "La la la la la...." so I couldn't hear him. He talked to a couple of realtors and picked one. He looked at several houses and showed me pictures. He examined new options for mortgage financing.

And today he told me he would like to put an offer on a house. It's one we saw months ago and really liked, and now the price has come down, putting it in our range. That sounds good to me.

I like it that he is pursuing this. I'm going to not interfere, and sign on the dotted line, unless something really bothers me.

Maybe there is a picket fence in my future still. Maybe. Though we might have to build it ourselves.

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